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There were two filing for GMR. This link is to the scanned images of the platte maps recorded with Saguache County.

These two maps overlay the GMR lot data with the latest USGS aerial ortho-photoquads and the USGS 7.5’ quadrangle maps.

Text Box: The Rio Grande National Forest to the west of GMR contains a lot of trails and roads with different vehicular restrictions. This 1999 USFS map contains all of information for the various restrictions and identifies all of the different types of trails and roads in the Rio Grande National Forest.

The entire map can be accessed at:

Ghost Mine Ranch owners are required to sign and abide by a set of CC&Rs within the development. These CC&Rs are not as restrictive as some and provide some assurance to protect property values.

Text Box: The Land Owner’s Association Articles of Incorporation are reprinted here for reference.

Ghost Mine Ranch Land Owner’s Association

Text Box: Ghost Mine Ranch is a land development in Saguache County, Colorado. The development consists of 52 parcels ranging in size from 35 acres to 105 acres, bordered on the north by La Garita Creek, to the west by the Rio Grande National Forest and to the east by BLM land. The main border to the south is A-32, with a few lots just to the south of the road.

The landowner’s association is represented by a board elected once a year at the annual owner’s meeting.  The board is mainly responsible for maintaining the ranch roads and enforcing the covenants.
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The Land Owner’s Association By Laws are reprinted here for reference.