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Vehicular travel on the Rio Grande National Forest is restricted to Forest roads and trails with numerical designations. Authorized Open Roads are those roads on the Rio Grande National Forest that are open to both ATV travel and licensed vehicle travel. Motorized trails, marked with vertical numbers, are single-track trails open to licensed motorcycles and certain types of ATV's. Remember persons operating licensed vehicles on all Forest roads are subject to Colorado traffic laws and must have a valid driver's license. Persons operating an ATV on these Authorized Open Roads must have a driver's license or be over 10 years of age and be supervised (in visual contact) by another licensed ATV operator who has a valid license. Please drive safely while on the Forest.

Parts of the National Forest are closed to off-road motor vehicle use, or have seasonal restrictions in effect. Check with the Forest Supervisor or nearest District Ranger for current information on vehicle use. In any case, never operate a vehicle in a location or manner that damages soil, vegetation, or roads.

During the big game hunting season only, travel is allowed off designated Forest roads and trails, in some areas of the Rio Grande National Forest, to retrieve legally taken game animals from noon until dark only with All terrain vehicles (ATV's) or small off-highway vehicles (not to exceed 48" in width with balloon tires and low tire pressure); not to include motorcycles. It is prohibited to transport weapons on ATV's while retrieving game off of Forest roads and trails. ATV’s should be driven in a manner that will not cause resource damage. Wet, steep areas should be avoided to prevent this kind of damage.

Colorado State Parks and Recreation requires your Off Highway Vehicle, any vehicle that does not have a state license place, to be registered either with Colorado or your home state. You may purchase your ATV Registration stickers at the Colorado Division of Parks and Recreations Offices, Sporting Goods Stores and ATV/OHV dealers. For further information, you may call (303) 791-1920.

Permanent Closures: Wilderness Areas are permanently closed to motorized vehicles and mechanized equipment, including bicycles. The Rio Grande National Forest includes the La Garita Wilderness, the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness, the South San Juan Wilderness and the Weminuche Wilderness.

Vehicular Travel

Motor Sports

Snowmobiling is becoming one of the most popular winter sports in Colorado. Operate snowmobiles only on land and trails designated for their use. A free travel map is available from Forest Service offices which shows which areas are open for Snowmobile use. Snowmobiles, like ATV's, must be registered with Colorado State Parks or the owner’s home state.

Snowmobiles operated between sunset and sunrise must have at least one headlight that illuminates objects 100 feet ahead and one red taillight that can be seen from 500 feet. Snowmobiles may not be used to hunt or harass wildlife. No one under the age of 10 may operate a snowmobile unless they are accompanied by someone 16 or older or someone 14 or older who is certified in snowmobile safety.

Cross-country travel is generally allowed in the winter by snowmobiles, but snowmobile travel is not permitted in sensitive wildlife habitat. These areas are identified on the National Forest map and Area Table. Specific snowmobiles routes through these areas may be designated; look for signs on the ground. Please remember, deer, elk and antelope are easily stressed during winter months because of extreme temperatures and lack of feed. Be sure to give these animals a wide detour at all times.


Ghost Mine Ranch on the Rio Grande Forest Travel Map for the area. The dotted trails are ATV and mountain biking trails.