Mine Ranch

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Hunting is a tool of wildlife management used on the Forest and is regulated by Colorado Division of Wildlife. The Forest Service is responsible for managing much of the habitat utilized by these animals for food, water, and shelter.

Moose were released in the upper Rio Grande during 1992-1993 and have expanded into surrounding units. Please take care not to mistake a moose for an elk.

Know the hunting regulations before you set out into the field and always respect private property. You must obtain permission from landowners before hunting on private land adjacent to or within the National Forest Boundary.

Ghost Mine Ranch is in the center of Unit 79, a limited draw area for big game. Antelope, Deer and Elk are common on the Ranch during the late fall and winter. Unit 79 is a limited draw for Elk and Deer. Unit 68, to the north, is over the counter for Bull Elk. (All deer is limited draw.) Unit 76, to the west, is one of a handful of trophy elk units managed specially by the DOW.

Shivas Moose have been transplanted into Creede and are also hunted by a lottery draw.

Dove and grouse hunting around the ranch is good to excellent. Migratory bird hunting is also available in the valley.

Game Management Units Around Ghost Mine Ranch